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Registering Current Students

All students are required to register every year.  Our current students are asked to begin pre-registration each February.  We allow a full month for current students and their siblings as well as members of Sunset Church of Christ to register before allowing the public to register. 


The link for current students to register will be sent through an email and posted on the Brightwheel app.  Please ask the directors or teachers for more help.

Registering NEW Students

We open our registration to the public on March 1 each year.  In 2021, we updated our system used for registration, so things may be different than you have experienced in the past. 


We use an app called Brightwheel.  In order to be accepted to the school, you must submit an application through Brightwheel which will then be reviewed and approved by the current directors.  Applications are reviewed to determine if space is available in your child's age group, and if there is space, your application will be approved and you will then be billed for the $60 non-refundable registration fee.  All applications are time stamped, and students will be accepted in the order in which you register.

If no space is available in your child's age group, you will be placed on a waiting list.  No fee is charged at that time, and you will only be contacted if space becomes available.  We do add students throughout the school year as space is available.  

Updated link beginning March 1each year!

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