Trike and Bike

Two times the fun!

We always have a great time at Trike and Bike day!  In fact, we have so much fun that we schedule it twice each year. Look forward to our next trike and bike day on Thursday, March 9.

Thanksgiving Feast


We want to invite all of the families of our preschool students to join us for a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday, November 19.  Each class has been assigned a dish to bring to share, and we need all food at the building no later than 10:30 am.  Please bring your dish in a disposable container.  Check with your child's teacher for the exact lunch time for your class. We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with each of you!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Each child will get to sit on Santa's lap and take a pjcture on the morning of December 15.  Then, each class will have a Christmas party in their room where Santa will deliver a gift to each one.  We ask that you bring a $10 gift wrapped for YOUR CHILD and signed From: Santa.  This way each child will get something that they want and it will be a surprise. Please check with your child's teacher for details on the party.

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